Former Wrightsville Beach surfer wins collegiate surfing competition

Published in Lumina News on April 12, 2018

Former Wrightsville Beach surfer, 18-year-old Kat Neff, won the shortboard surfing competition in the women’s division this past weekend at the East Coast Collegiate Surfing Championship for the University of North Florida.

“I honestly focus more on longboard surfing so it’s funny that I won the shortboard competition,” Neff said.

Born and raised in Wilmington, Neff grew accustomed to the smaller, choppier water conditions in Wrightsville Beach. It was an adjustment to surf the Florida waters, which feel very different compared to the North Carolina coast.

“I think the water is weaker off the Florida coast because it’s farther away from the Gulf stream,” Neff said. “The waves travel at a longer distance, and they are very slow at rolling over which can be challenging.”