Film directing

creative direction.

I’ve directed actors in promotional videos and short films, as well as taken on the creative direction of entire projects by working closely with the cinemotographer on set. As a character-focused screenwriter, I care deeply for the actors on my sets. I avoid results-based directing at all costs, and take a process-oriented approach, closely aligning to Judith Weston’s directing philosophy.

My filmography experience includes feature films, TV, short films, and promotional videos. I’ve worked in script editing and casting for the feature film Finding Faith, starring Erik Estrada (2013), as well as extras casting assistant for the CBS TV pilot Red Zone (2014), which was never picked up as a series. I also wrote, produced, and directed a short film called Bridge the Gap in 2014 in Wilmington, North Carolina, where Madelyn Cline (Outer Banks) played a role.

Film Experience

Directing. Cinemotography.