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Hi, I’m Mel Beasley.

I’m a driven and results-oriented marketing director and project manager that has led major marketing and software projects over the finish line for multimillion-dollar brands. With extensive experience in marketing and sales, I keep my finger on the pulse of online trends using storytelling and branding as the driving force that sways the modern consumer into a loyal fan. I have a strong working knowledge of technical SEO, and have helped both small and large brands achieve their greatest SEO goals. I’m also the owner of Writer’s Hive Media.


Project Management Professional Certification – Pending Exam





Google Search Console

Screaming Frog

Agile Aligned


Asana & Assembla

WordPress Expert


YouTube SEO

Storybrand Framework

Google Analytics

Google Adsense

Google Ads Manager

SEO Expert

Content Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Influencer Marketing


BFA – Creative Writing & Journalism

(Magna Cum Laude)

Introduction to Book Publishing

Editing for Publication


Publishing Practicum

Intro to Journalism

Professional Writing

Media Law & Ethics

Professional Review Writing



"We are a video production company. We approached Mel for our copywriting need for our website. We sent him a couple of examples. Even from his questions, it was easy to understand that he has a lot of knowledge. In a couple of days, we got the first draft. My partner and I had a huge smile on our faces as we read the copy. It was creative, humorous, simple, brief, informative, and most importantly very SEO friendly. Besides the wonderful job he has done, we also very much appreciate his attitude and excitement for his work."

7Hills Productions

"Mel made me a promo/story video about my boudoir photography business so that clients could get to know the "real me." I'm not going to lie - when we started filming the interview, I had told him, "I HATE being on camera, I hate my voice, I don't like this." And his response was always, "You’re doing great. You’ve got this.” When I watched the completed project for the first time, it nearly brought me to tears - instead of being appalled at listening to my voice and seeing my face on screen for six minutes, I was mesmerized by the story and I was actually PROUD of how I described my business. I even like the clips of me being super nerdy and silly, because that's me. He made me feel so comfortable during filming and that certainly came across in the finished product."

Atlantic Boudoir

"It isn’t often I find the perfect business partner to support me as an entrepreneur but Mel is pretty damn close to perfect for me and my business style and approach! His ability to translate my needs and expectations into concrete results, organized and on time - every time - well, what else can I say but we’ll done and let’s keep going! I hesitate to be too honest with my enthusiasm of his partnering approach because I don’t wanna share...but here’s the thing, he and his team make it happen with ease and professionalism so I am not worried about his business expansion and growth as I know he can handle it."

Holland Archer

"Mel is a passionate marketer with a keen understanding of growing brands through the simple power of storytelling. He believes in advocating for his clients and their success, and understands how each marketing component must fit together to create an effective campaign. If you're trying to grow your business, he's a force that you want playing for your team."

Mike D. – Intercoastal Net Designs

"Since Mel joined Wide Open Tech, I have had the opportunity to work with him on a consistent basis. With his creative ideas, he has always strived to provide the best experience and results for every client he works with."

Peter S. – Wide Open Tech

Let’s get creative!