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Mel graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a bachelor’s in creative writing and a minor in journalism. His passion is fiction writing that tests the boundaries of what it means to be human and exist in the world. He’s written for encore magazine and Lumina News, and runs Melbee Academy, an online writing resource for students and writers. Mel believes that authors should run their professions like a business, and sets out to teach writers how to market themselves online through Melbee.

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As a creative writer and digital marketer, Mel leverages storytelling to help you build loyal fans, get noticed, and increase your company’s bottom line.


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People are naturally drawn in by the classic narrative arch within stories, and if an author can convey their personal narrative through digital marketing, it will result in higher conversions (book sales).

Mel’s marketing strategy is closely aligned with Donald Miller’s 7-part Storybrand Framework, which means that creative storytelling plays a major role in how an author should communicate with potential book buyers.


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